1. Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need Repair?

    For some of us, air conditioning is the best invention since sliced bread. When we go to sleep, we are able to snuggle under the covers and not sweat the whole night. When we walk inside from a hot day in the sun, we expect that cool blast of air. But what happens when we are met with the same hot air that is outside? This could be the worst thing that has happened to some of us in a very long tim…Read More

  2. Save Money With Ideal Air Heating & Air Conditioning

    By the time summer comes around, we have the expectation that our A/C units will come to life and our homes will be cool the whole 3 months of hot, sticky weather. But sometimes, this assumption leaves us spending more money than we can imagine. The air conditioning unit that has been sitting around outside fails to run properly the second summer gets here. Do not fret; Ideal Air is here to save t…Read More