Getting tired of the constant furnace repair? Maybe it’s time you let Ideal Air help you with your new furnace installation.

The efficiency of a furnace or heating systems is determined by its AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) or a gas furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy. The higher the AFUE, the more energy efficient the furnace is and the more money you can save on you heating bills. Here’s how…

A gas furnace with an 80% AFUE rating means that 80 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense goes toward heating your home. A gas furnace with a 95% AFUE rating means that 95 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense is heating your home. Thus, a 95% AFUE furnaces is more energy efficient and wastes less energy. At Ideal Air Heating & Air Conditioning our commitment to customer service has always come first. That’s why we feel we can recommend the best furnace for your home.

We’ll give you all the information you need when it comes to furnace installation, including selection. We want to make sure you have the best furnace possible for your home at a price you can afford. Call us when new furnace installation is in your immediate future!