Winter is officially breathing down our necks. It will be here before you know it. If this winter is anything like last year, we could be seeing colder weather than normal. We know that you don’t want to be one of those people who wait until the last minute to check on the furnace only to find out that there is something wrong with it. If you jump on the bandwagon now, you will be able to get yourself an appointment with one of Ideal Air’s professional technicians.


Now is a great time to test out your furnace by cranking up the heat for a little while. Doing this will help you determine if a.) it’s working and b.) if any repairs need to be done on it before you really need it. If it is making noise or has an odor then you should turn it off immediately and call Ideal Air. If the furnace is working and there is no smell, we still recommend that you give us a call to have us inspect it just in case, especially if it has been a few years.


It is also a good time to clean out around your furnace. Replace the air filter if you haven’t done so for a while. Make sure the burners don’t have a lot of dirt and debris around them (you can check for rust at this time too). You should also oil your furnace blower now so that everything will work properly when you need it to.

If you are not comfortable doing all of this yourself, call the professionals at Ideal Air for an appointment.